The Historic Lace Project

My involvement in a 2014 Shetland lace research project by Roslyn Chapman, University of Glasgow, and Carol Christiansen of the Shetland Museum inspired me to look further into the knitted lace stitch patterns in the 1840’s knitting manuals. I began cataloguing and knitting them with the goal of staying as true to the patterns as possible while updating for errors and discrepancies, terminology.  All have been charted. 

Many of these stitch patterns are considered to be from the Victorian era when they were popularized. However, many of the stitches were around long before that time, and are referenced in museums dating to the 17th century.  They come from many countries and in all cases they have been brought forward through the centuries by knitters like you and me.  By knitting these and teaching them to others, you too are keeping them alive for future generations.

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From this research I’ve created a deck of Victorian Lace Knitting Pattern Cards which can be viewed  here.
They can be purchased here

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