Replicating historical knitting patterns and samples from the 19th century knitting books.
Exploration of the use of agave fiber in fine lace knitting and weaving.
Board Member, Pacific Textile Arts

Ongoing projects & Designs:
Four Victorian long shawl patterns
Victorian Lace Knitting Cards
Knitting inspired by nature and geology, life size and miniature.
Linoleum Block Printing
Solar plate etching
Felting and other fiber work.
Bird Watching
Board member, Pacific Textile Arts

2022: September Members’ Show, Pacific Textile Arts
2022: Member of the Pacific Textile Arts Board of Directors
2022: April, Talk & online workshop, knitted lace history and designing your own lace scarf with Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts
2022: FebruaryLinocut Gallery Show: Emerging 2022 Linocuts, 
NorthCoast Gallery, Fort Bragg CA
2022: January: Pacific Textile Arts Members Show, Alive & Well – work completed during the pandemic.
2022: January: Fiberchat interview with Irina Shaar on Youtube
2020:  Gallery show and talk, Historical Lace Knitting, Pacific Textile Arts, Fort Bragg CA
2019-2020:  Artist in Residence Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA.
2018:  Shetland Wool Week workshops
2017:  Shetland Textile Museum – Knitted historic replications for the museum.
2016:  Exhibition of work, Shetland Museum research project show.
2014-2016:  Knitting instructor, Sonoma Valley Boys & Girls Club.
2010:  Video presentation, Santa Ana Theatre, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2010:  Video presentation, Hojalata Viewing at the Feria de Lana y latón, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2010:  Video Documentary ‘Hojalata’  the history tin artistry & artisans of San Miguel de Allende. Filmed, produced and edited
2009-2011: Instituto Allende, San Miguel, de Allende, Mexico. Silverworking
2008: Walked across Spain, the Camino de Santiago
2007-2014: Resided in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2003: Walked across Spain, the Camino de Santiago
1996-2016:  Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art, business. Folk artist advocate, research and exploration of historic folk art techniques, online store.
1998-2002:  Inner Graffiti – Life size painting and writing workshops for women and teen girls.
1996: Poetry readings in Hita & Guadalajara, Spain
1990-1994: Founder/Director Glen Ellen Community Center & Summer Art program a non-profit organization.
1990 – 2000: Poetry and writing, various events, chapbooks.
1996: Poetry Festival gala events featuring Bill Moyers.
1996: Nationally recognized Sonoma Valley Poetry Festival – Founder/Director.
1995: Organizer of the Sonoma Valley Poetry Festival with Readers’ Books, Sonoma CA
1990-1995: Docent, Bouverie Nature Preserve, Glen Ellen CA
1971-1976: BA, Sonoma State University, School of Expressive Arts.
Lifelong: Knitting, fiber, cloth exploration, genealogy, walking, birding
Musical: Piano, violin, bassoon
Collector: Antique knitted lace pieces and books, Mexican folk art. – Personal knitting, museum and historical projects – Mexican Folk Art & Living in San Miguel Blog & online shop
Facebook Studio: suzannedarosa
Linktree: everything else
Hojalata movie. Please request password to view it.