19th Century Shawl Re-Construction Project


The 19th century Victorian era shawl reconstruction project is a collaborative exploration with Suzanne da Rosa, Paula Kibildis, Monique Boonstra, Grant Mahy, Debbie Chisholm and Vincent Kibildis. Monique Dreef is supporting the project by researching and providing us with suitable yarn possibilities. Others who have played support and roles are Irina Shaar & Georgia Dering.

The structure of the shawl¬†borders is unusual ¬†due to the corner stitch patterns not being consistent and symmetrical. For not so obvious reasons, each mitered corner has varying numbers of diamonds. We’ve struggled for the reasoning behind this as well as the order that the border edge and corners were knit. Every step of the way has been rich with group discussion and interaction followed by knitting and more discussion, more charting and more knitting, cheering each other on and each of us deciding at one point or another that we weren’t good enough for this. Read more soon about this exciting project